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PESU (1980.Dec.16th)

PESU began his career as a graffiti writer in 1996 in his hometown of Shizuoka, near Mt. Fuji. He later relocated to Tokyo before moving to the United States in 2001, where he spent three years on the west coast, studying, painting and embracing the joys of mother of nature before finally deciding to settle in New York City. Since moving to New York he has attained much success; such as winning the Art Battle competitions four separate times, appearing on MTV, working with brands like NIKE iD, EVISU, COACH, Lacoste, Anvil, J.Crew, Monika Chiang, Morrissey and more. He is also working with various non-profit organizations, such as Earth Day NY, Lutheran Social Services of New York, Global Autism Project, Keen New York, The Cristian Rivera Foundation and The American Cancer Society, to name a few. PESU has become a notable crowd favorite and is one of the most talented artists in NYC.


2004/10 Solo Exhibition  “PESU Exhibition” @ Evolution in Sacramento, California,

2006/07 Solo Exhibition "LIFE IS ART" @ Zakka in Soho, Manhattan, New York
2006/07 Solo Exhibition "LIFE = ART" @ Thai Cafe in Green Point, Brooklyn, New York

2007/07 Solo Exhibition "WA" @ Nao in Mid Town, Manhattan, New York

2008/08 Solo Exhibition "J's Art" @ J's Bar in Midtown, Manhattan, New York
2008/03 Solo Exhibition "PESU ART" @ Scene Arts in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
2008/09 Solo Exhibition "Organic" @ Souen in Soho, Manhattan, New York

2009/03 Solo Exhibition "Private Gallery" @ Dr. Watch Room in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York
2009/06 Solo Exhibition "Fashion Meets Music" @ Libation in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
2009/10 Solo Exhibition "Colorful Life" @ Galley Cantelmo in Midtown, Manhattan, New York

2010/01 Solo Exhibition "KO.KO.RO ~HEART~ " @ Ouchi Gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York
2010/07 Solo Exhibition "Make Our Life Bright!" @ Lolita in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
2010/11 Solo Exhibition "Keen New York's 2010 Fall Fundraiser" @ The Ainsworth in Gramercy, Manhattan, New York

2011/04 Solo Exhibition "Earth Day New York" @ Grand Central, Manhattan, New York
2011/08 Solo Exhibition "Ugly Kitchen" @ Ugly Kitchen in East Village, Manhattan, New York
2011/10 Solo Exhibition "Be An EpiCUREan" @ SHI Restaurant in Long Island City, Queens, New York

2012/07 Solo Exhibition "The Chicken Spot" @ Williamsburg Music Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
2012/12 Solo Exhibition "Art is Life" @ Bob Art Space in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

2013/01 Solo Exhibition "Struggle is Art" @ Jade Gallery Space in Forest Hills, Queens, New York

2014/02 Solo Exhibition "Tou Ryu Mon" @ Betsey Lee Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York
2014/08 Solo Exhibition "Sabit" @ The Shopp in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

2015/12 Solo Exhibition "Art Basel 2015" @ Vice Gallery in Miami, Florida

2016/06 Solo Exhibition "Sabit" @ The Shopp in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
2016/08 Solo Exhibition “Yes Ramen” @  KOA in Flatiron District, Manhattan, New York


2016/09 Solo Exhibition  “PESU Exhibition” @  Olivia Park Gallery in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 


2016/11 Solo Exhibition  “PESU ART” @ Isetan in Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka, Japan